Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Email: slashxp@naver.com
Telephone: +82 031-219-2532

Research Interest

Current: Distributed deep learning in large-scale computing environment, MLOps for very large deep learning model, and High-performance graph algorithms on GPUs.

Past: Publish/subscribe system for distributed computing, and GPGPU.


Currently integrated MS/PhD course student in the Department of Artificial Intelligence, Ajou University.

Bachelor’s degree of Software at Ajou University.

Carrer Summary

Sep. 2018 ~ Present: Integrated MS/PhD course student in the Dept. of AI, Ajou Univ. Working as a member of WISE Lab. of advisor Sangyoon Oh.

Aug. 2017 ~ Aug. 2018: Studied as an intern student of WISE Lab., Ajou Univ.

Jun. 2017 ~ Aug. 2017: Worked as an intern at SureSoft Technologies Inc. Ported Caffe source code on GPUs to classify the elements of navigation screen.

Jan. 2017 ~ Feb. 2017: Worked as an intern at Joheul cooperation. Developed UI/UX of JTOPS product.

Mar. 2013 ~ Aug. 2018: Studied in the Dept. of Software, Ajou Univ. for Bachelor’s degree.


SURF: Direction-Optimizing Breadth-First Search Using Workload State on GPUs
Daegun Yoon, Sangyoon Oh. Sensors, Jun. 2022.

Balanced content space partitioning for pub/sub: a study on impact of varying partitioning granularity
Daegun Yoon, Zhetao Li, Sangyoon Oh. The Journal of Supercomputing, Apr. 2021.

Exploring a system architecture of content-based publish/subscribe system for efficient on-the-fly data dissemination
Daegun Yoon, Gyudong Park, Sangyoon Oh. Concurreny and Computation: Practice and Experience, Nov. 2020.